Peter Gärdenfors

As a senior professor in cognitive science at Lund University and a prominent author of several cognitive science books with thousands of citations is Peter one of the biggest names at this year’s KVIT Conference.

“How to keep company with robots”

"It is a mistake to try to make robots human. We should se them as tools with specialized abilities."

Annika Larsson

Annika leads the human factors activities and research at Veoneer, a company designing and selling state-of-the-art sensors, software and systems for active safety and autonomous driving.

"Creating trust in mobility – on the way to autonomy"

"Automation is a journey, not a destination. It is a moonshot, and as such we believe that what we learn today will create safety for today as well as for tomorrow."

Ashkan Fardost

Ashkan is a former artist who got his first record deal with Armada Music in 2003 at the age of 17 - by harnessing the internet and hacking Napster. He also holds a PhD in organic chemistry. Today he works with Hyper Island, invests in Swedish startups and is currently writing a book on the internet and the future of mankind.

"God, Soil & Information: A Journey Through The Internet, Humanity & The Future"

"Don't underestimate the power of 3 billion people sitting in the same room, communicating on equal terms."

Jenny Skog

Former cognitive science student at LiU, now working as a systems engineer at Saab Aeronautics. Skog performed her bachelor thesis for Saab and was hired after that as a software developer. She worked with prototyping of airplane cockpits for about six months before changing tasks to interaction and systems design.

"Cockpit development in fighter aircrafts"

"Ensuring situational awareness through design process."

Sverker Sikström

“Communicating of mental states are done in everyday life using words. Nevertheless, behavioral scientists use rating scales to measure how we feel, think, and behave. In my research as a professor at Lund university I am interested in how we can measure meaning and use that as tool instead of rating scales."

"Diagnosing mental health with words that are analysied with artificial intelligence"

“With AI we are creating an international standard for how to interpret words in clinical assessments - this will ensure quality for mental health diagnosis in the future”
Sverker Sikström

Alessandra Di Pisa and Robert Stasinski

"The questioning Watson - How to use Art, Robotics and AI for enhanced human intelligence"

"Join this workshop on how to merge philosophy and art in IBM:s Jeopardy winning AI system Watson. With impressive art resumés this duos' joint art production is based on dialogic aesthetics, psychology and artificial intelligence. In their latest project, WatsonArt, the goal is to flip the traditional idea of augmented intelligence and AI. How can artificially generative questioning transform our relation to cognitive technologies such as AI and robotics? How to make a dialogue relevant in a philosophical, human-centered way is an issue the artists are delving deeper into."

Sara Bagassi

Assistant Professor in Aerospace Structures and Design.

"How VR/AR will shape the future of the interaction between humans and machines?"

"VR and AR are the enabling technologies that will most support humans during the disruptive digital transformation we will assist in the next decades."
bagassi 11

Karin Eklund and Ida Borenstein

Karin is the Head of user experience at Semcon, and Ida is their Communication manager.

"Adding perspectives to product development"

"Together with Semcon, Ida and Karin will bring you a new view on the design of products with projects like Add Perspective. During their lecture, you will learn how Semcon is working on raising the bar for innovative product development through diversity, taking in mind equality, diversity, UN sustainability goals and so on. You’ll be able to dive deeper into learning about the Add Perspective initiative but also hear about other similar projects. Attend this lecture and learn to see from a new perspective!"

Johan Rodin

Johan Rodin is Technical Sales specialist within IBM Data and AI in Sweden and the Nordics. Currently, Johan is focusing on the Watson API:s and IBM Cloud Private for Data, a modern kubernetes based platform from IBM for running data science cloud workloads in your data center.

"Cognitive Solutions and Game Changing AI"

"IBM cognitive solutions provide the AI platform for business. Cognitive solutions can understand all forms of data, interact naturally with people, and learn and reason, at scale. IBM views the market for cognitive solutions as a $2 trillion opportunity over the next decade."
Carolina Olsson_170315_01

Carolina Olsson

Moderator - Implementation in enterprise track

"There is no innate value in technology. Technology is only as valuable as the things we decide to use it for. "

Carolina is a well known face for many in the region as moderator of LiU Game Conference, C Awards and East Sweden Hack. With a background in history and behavior science she is now using her experiences to create opportunities for the technologies of the future. As the co-founder and community manager of East Sweden Game and as a representative of the workplace of tomorrow she is guiding the way for the East Sweden Tech scene to a more inclusive and diverse creator of content and plattforms.

Wilhelm Brodin and Oskar Johansson

Moderators - Science track
Both Wilhelm and Oskar are students at the bachelor program of cognitive science at Linköping university. Some may recognize them as the chairman and treasurer of the student division for cognitive science students at LiU, but they also produce the podcast KoggLjudet together with their technician Róbert. Wilhelm and Oskar will hope to bring their enthusiasm and love of cognitive science to KVIT!