This year’s theme

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” ― Albert Einstein

Humanity have always been striving for excellence. Since industrialisation, our abilities have become less restricted by our limitations. We normalised the use of technologies to help us move forward, to become smarter and better than we already are. The interdisciplinary nature of Cognitive Science does not only focus on producing new technologies that improve our lives, but also on how they help us to improve ourselves. The existing technologies have certainly enhanced our quality of life. But what about our future? This year, KVIT will bring us closer to the future upon us by introducing Extend Our Limits. We will discuss the emerging technologies that could weaken the boundaries between us and the world from both the academic and corporate points of view.


We hope that this edition of KVIT will inspire you to invite new influences to your own thinking and grow together with other students, researchers and professionals, through communication and
common experience. That is why we have tried to assemble a diverse assortment of speakers and hope to receive an audience with backgrounds and questions just as diverse. Join us for an adventure through subjects such as Somaesthetic Interaction Design, Human automation collaboration, Ethics and existential risks and more.